Turn Animation Natively to ObjC / Swift Code

Fast, lightweight and powerful animation tool

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QuartzCode bridges the gap between developers, designers and animators. Choose and combine from 6 unique layers and more than 25 animatable properties to create stunning animations. Now you can create animation for iOS / OS X without any coding!

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Visualise your idea, and iterate between different animations quickly. Creating animation manually using coding in XCode is time consuming. QuartzCode dramatically reduce the time to create complex animation. Here are the techniques used in this watch animation.

  • 9 total animations
  • Shape layer, text layer, replicator layer and effect layer used
  • Mask transform animation
  • 2 animatable keypaths used, transform and opacity


Featured Apps

Rebus Zone

"QuartzCode gives you access to the most essential features of CoreAnimation through a relatively simple user interface. We created over a hundred awesome animated riddles for Rebus Zone, which would be unreachable without this tool."